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  • Avoid Getting Your Lashes Wet For At Least 24-48 Hours To Allow Adhesive To Dry:



  1. No Saunas
  2. No Crying (It sounds harsh, but try to avoid if possible)
  3. No Rinsing Face With Water, Try Using Facial Cleansing Wipes
  4. No Makeup Remover/or Oil Based Makeup
  5. No Mascara (Or use extension safe mascara)
  6. No Steaming Hot Showers (Bath instead)
  7. No Swimming
  • Do Not Perm/Manually Curl Lash Extensions
  • Minimum Eyedrops (Try to avoid leaving your eyes wet, and make sure the eye drops are hitting your lens instead of lashes)
  • Gently Brush Lashes Daily With Lash Wand - Avoid Pulling, Rubbing, Plucking and Playing With Your Lashes
  • Try Sleeping On Your Back For The First 24-48 hours - If Not, Gently Brush Lashes Back Into Place
  • Try Avoiding Using Facial Products With High Amounts Of Benzoyl Peroxide, Oily Based Products & Creams In The First 24-48 Hours - This Can Prevent Any Adverse Reactions
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