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  • What are lash extensions
    They are individual synthetic mink, or silk stands made to replicate the natural lash. These are applied to your natural lash with an isolation technique using a medical grade adhesive.
  • How long does lash extensions last?
    Lash extensions can last anywhere from 2-4 weeks, depending on your lifestyle and daily activities. Refills (fill-ins) are recommended every 2-3 weeks for maximum results!
  • How soon can I shower, swim, or wash my face?
    You would want to refrain from any moisture for the first 24-48 hours! It's highly recommended to take a bath instead of showers as steam can cause the adhesive to evaporate within the first two days of application. Also when washing face, try using a wash/face cloth to gently/slowly wipe around the eyes, as we don't recommend rinsing the face with water in hands! Try Avoiding: Showers Saunas Face rinsing under water Swimming Crying Makeup remover Sweating/Exercising Eye Drops to a minimum
  • What happens if I get my lashes wet?
    We understand that life happens, we can't always prevent everything! Should you get them wet, try gently wiping under your eyes with a towel, then immediately use a fan to air dry out the wetness in the lashes! Shop our mini fans as they're great lash savers in case the lashes do get wet!
  • How long does lash extensions take to apply?
    Depending on the set and customization, it can last from an hour and a half to two hours. It's recommended to block off at least two hours for the completion of the service!
  • Are lash extensions safe? Do they harm my natural lashes?
    Lash extensions are safe practices such as professional grade adhesive, eyewear protection - to prevent glue from entering the eye, and proper protocols of sanitation! We use medical grade adhesive, but if you are allergic to certain chemicals, please let us know to find an alternative! Lash extensions do not harm the natural lash when applied professionally & properly! Also when the lashes are not being plucked or pulled at, and brushed daily, this keeps your natural lashes healthy and intact!
  • Can I wear makeup with lash extensions?
    Yes, you can still wear a full face of makeup! However, we don't recommend wearing mascara as the purpose of lash extensions is so that you'll already have enhanced lashes, as well as mascara or any oil based product will shorten the lifecycle of your lash extensions.
  • What should I do if I have any adverse reactions to the lash extensions?
    While this is very rare, should you have any swelling/ around the eyes, you'll want to first ice your eyes, and take some Benadryl! Should your eyes be burning, itchy and red - you'll want to use any eye relieving eye drops as well as take Benadryl. If neither of these remedies subdue the reactions, then you'll want to immediately book an appointment for removal as you make be allergic to our adhesive and/or the lash fibers!
  • How Do I Remove Lash Extensions?
    It is best to have them removed by booking a lash removal appointment! It is not advised to remove them on your own as you can cause damage to your natural lashes! Lash extensions are removed with techniques such as the banana-peel method, utilizing cream/gel removers that guarantees the safety of your natural lash.
  • What do I need to do get prepared for a lash extension set?
    You'll want to consult with the esthetician to discuss the desired look, then book your appointment at your convenience. You want to come with a fresh clean & dry face, meaning no other false lashes applied, no mascara, no eye makeup, no oil based moisturizers/products.


  • Avoid Getting Your Lashes Wet For At Least 24-48 Hours To Allow Adhesive To Dry:



  1. No Saunas
  2. No Crying (It sounds harsh, but try to avoid if possible)
  3. No Rinsing Face With Water, Try Using Facial Cleansing Wipes
  4. No Makeup Remover/or Oil Based Makeup
  5. No Mascara (Or use extension safe mascara)
  6. No Steaming Hot Showers (Bath instead)
  7. No Swimming
  • Do Not Perm/Manually Curl Lash Extensions
  • Minimum Eyedrops (Try to avoid leaving your eyes wet, and make sure the eye drops are hitting your lens instead of lashes)
  • Gently Brush Lashes Daily With Lash Wand - Avoid Pulling, Rubbing, Plucking and Playing With Your Lashes
  • Try Sleeping On Your Back For The First 24-48 hours - If Not, Gently Brush Lashes Back Into Place
  • Try Avoiding Using Facial Products With High Amounts Of Benzoyl Peroxide, Oily Based Products & Creams In The First 24-48 Hours - This Can Prevent Any Adverse Reactions
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