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Sydney Marie

Founder of The Lash Experience 

Helmed by esthetician and three-times certified lash artist Sydney Marie Huntley, The Lash Experience will primarily focus on lash extensions and microblading, with additional services including waxing, beard facials and other eyebrow care.

The Lash Experience by Marie provides services to anyone and everyone, regardless of whether they are new to lash extensions, have experience with them, or are simply looking to try something new. Huntley’s main services will include eyelash extensions and microblading, but she will offer other services like waxing, brow enhancements and beard facials, as well.


In addition, she plans to sell some of her very own branded products. As a single mother, she understands the importance of self-care and prides herself on opening her schedule to accommodate her clients with difficult schedules.

“My entire business revolved around my mother,” Huntley said. “Being an entrepreneur gave me the freedom to care for her and also put me in a better position financially. After she passed away in March of 2021, I had to take a mental break. One day, my dad came into my room and told me it was time to get up and start moving again – and that meant I needed to get up and keep moving forward, as hard as it was.”

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